Before Taking a Loan in Installments, Check With Whom You Sign the Contract

Nowadays, more and more often we decide to use the services of non-bank institutions. Contrary to appearances, this is a very responsible decision. Before we take it, we should carefully check with which company we intend to sign the contract. installment loans that apply to larger amounts and a longer repayment period.

It is safe to say that many of us often have to face big expenses. Sometimes it results from unexpected and one-off situations. Then in the necessary fee will help us a minute. The situation is different when a one-off loan does not suit our needs. Then it is worth considering a different solution. It can be a loan in installments. It helps us to settle obligations that exceed our capabilities. It is worth remembering that we should carefully check which services we decide to use.


Security above all

Security above all

As it has already been mentioned, the installment loan is a very interesting option, which is proposed by more and more loan companies. However, before we trust the attractively presented offer, it is worth finding out more about the lender, to whom we paid attention. Thanks to this, we can see whether there is a reliable offer hidden behind catchy advertising slogans.

So, what to remember about when choosing a loan company ? Undoubtedly, we can check its authenticity. If it actually works, it definitely has a NIP and REGON number, as well as is listed in the Register of Loan Companies. Through the internet, we can easily check if it is in this database. If not, we have the right to doubt the integrity of such a lender.


The Internet is a valuable source of information

The Internet is a valuable source of information

Undeniably, it is better to look for offers on the web than in the press or on leaflets placed in the public space. Nobody will guarantee us that the offer “from the pole” hides an honest and competent lender. It is better to be interested in a non-bank institution that has a professional website. It should contain detailed conditions for receiving the installment loan and its individual elements, ie all parameters, including the amount and interest rate of the installments and the repayment period of this obligation. In addition, the company’s data should already be included.

If you are already looking for a loan online, we should check our offer very carefully. Professional online comparison websites are used for this purpose. They allow us to combine proposals that are interesting to us in order to identify the one that best suits our needs and financial possibilities. If we are looking for information about loans , we should also read online rankings that are posted on internet portals. This is where we find the list of the most popular offers from a given month. In addition, we will find articles with tips, as well as opinions of experts from the loan industry. Undoubtedly, this is helpful when looking for a credible lender.

You must know that safe lending is possible when we make sure that we avoid contact with scams. The sooner we develop a habit of thoroughly checking the offers, the more we will be sure that we are doing well and we will not encounter any unpleasant surprise. Preserving caution is very important especially when deciding on a long-term loan. Then, pay special attention to the amount of commission and interest rate of installments. All information on this subject must be included in the contract. Therefore, the more it is worth to carefully read its content.



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pożyczki bez BIK Łódź, pożyczki pozabankowe do 15.000 zł bez zaświadczeń

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Up to PLN 15,000 is sufficient only with an ID card, you can submit the application in person at our office or online on our website.

  • up to PLN 15,000 only as proof
  • from PLN 15,000 to PLN 20,000, a certificate of income or confirmation of the impact of remuneration
  • free payday up to PLN 4,000
  • without checking BIK
  • 10% interest rate – the lowest interest rate
  • long loan period – up to 48 months
  • no minimum income
  • accepted all sources of income, even undocumented

We direct the offer of loans without BIK to all clients from and the region due to the need for a personal visit to our office in order to sign the contract. Customers from the Masovia Province are invited here: CREDIT BANQUE –  Loans


Sample loan:

Sample loan:

The total amount of the loan: PLN 6,000

Monthly installment: PLN 413.74

Duration of contract: 24 months

The total cost of the loan: PLN 3929.72

The total amount to be repaid: PLN 9929.72

Interest rate: 10%


A representative example: the total loan amount – PLN 6,000; the total cost of the loan – PLN 3929.72, including the total amount of interest – PLN 889.72; preparation fee – PLN 40; commission for granting a loan – 3000 PLN; annual interest rate – 10%; the duration of the contract – 24 months; the amount of monthly installments – PLN 413.74; the total amount to be paid by the Consumer – PLN 9929,72; APRC – 69.50%


The Correct Way to Measure Liquidity in Companies


Today more than ever, decision-making within organizations must be based on the elements they have and / or lack, know where they are standing, what their financial situation is, and in this way detect their strengths and weaknesses.

To achieve the objectives described in the previous paragraph, it is essential that companies have reliable information that reflects the reality in which they find themselves.

One of the questions that businessmen and / or managers should ask in front of business is how to synchronize money? In order to answer this question, it is necessary to understand that Finance has two main branches :

  • Stock Finance , which focuses on the Stock Exchange , purchase-sale of shares, bonds, obligations, coverage and any instrument that is traded there.
  • Corporate Finance , which focuses on the decisions that companies make regarding the administration of their monetary resources , treasury, collections, purchases, banks, among other topics.

The understanding of the above is very important, because when we talk about the concept of liquidity we have to position ourselves in one of the branches.

Speaking of the stock market , it is very common to hear that there is more or less liquidity in the markets , this refers to the effect that the commercialization of shares has , that is, the ease or difficulty to be able to sell or buy such instruments . When it is difficult to sell or buy, it is said that there is little liquidity, and on the contrary when the securities can be negotiated in a faster way it is said that liquidity increased or that there is liquidity.

However, in corporate finance the concept is very different, although it should be noted that there are different currents in traditional practice that today still visualize it identical, which has led many companies to make incorrect decisions in their administration, since It is believed that this concept has to do with the availability of cash that must be kept in banks . Therefore, it is necessary to define that liquidity should be understood as “the capacity that companies have to generate money in a timely manner”.


The above occurs when companies are efficient with their operation , that is, have enough money (income) at the right time, to meet their different obligations (expenses), which does not depend on the companies having reserves of money, but to have synchronicity between the money that goes in and the money that goes out.

To achieve this, it is necessary for companies to calculate the cash cycle or cash conversion cycle , which is defined as the average time the company generates money and the lower the result, the better it will be, since Indicates that the company has a greater capacity to generate flow , which will allow companies to generate more money with less investment.

In order to better understand the advantages of having a lower cycle, it must be emphasized that liquidity is a Speed ​​Test :

Imagine for a moment that you are a car driver and that the first round of the circuit was done in 60 seconds, after this result you make some adjustments and using the same equipment you proceed to make a second attempt, at the end of the lap you realize that Now it took 30 seconds to make the same turn, this means that is faster? or slower ?, the answer is that you became faster and that the adjustments worked and if you continue like this you can go around with the same car.

This is what companies must work on, to go around with the same investment, making the necessary adjustments to be more efficient.

Traditionally, the measurement of liquidity is made through the Acid Test ; However, this test is static and does not reflect the true concept of liquidity . What this test does is to manage a hedging relationship between current assets by subtracting inventories and short-term liabilities. Its interpretation indicates ability to face debts , but that means solvency plus non-liquidity , which is why in many cases companies can show high rates with this test, but have insufficient money to meet their obligations, including payroll, the suppliers, rents, etc.

The misunderstanding of this, leads every day to make fatal decisions within the administration of companies, since to be liquid according to this test, it is required to have high levels of working capital and these should not be invested in the inventory , so then companies must work with high levels of idleness of cash and assume the costs of the inefficiency of their administration.

Therefore, it is necessary for companies to consider the difference between both reasons , the acid test measures payment capacity in a more strict manner; However, this is still solvency, and on the other hand, the so-called cash cycle measures the synchrony of companies to generate money, that is, liquidity.


Reliability and Relevance in Financial Information

Know the requirements with which you must comply with all financial information to be reliable and relevant.

The utility , being the fundamental characteristic of the financial statements , represents the quality of adapting to the common needs of the users in general.

Therefore, utility is the characteristic or origin from which qualitative characteristics derive, among which reliability and relevance stand out .



The financial information is reliable when it is in agreement with the transactions, internal transformations and events that occurred and when the user uses it to make decisions.

Requirements to be reliable

Requirements to be reliable

To be reliable, the information must cover the following aspects:

  • Truthfulness: Reflect all transactions, internal transformations and other events actually happened. The veracity accredits the confidence and credibility of the user in the financial information.
  • Representativeness: Have concordance between its content and what it is intended to represent.
  • Objectivity: Be free from bias or prejudice. It must be impartial.
  • Verification: That can be validated. It must be able to check.
  • Sufficient information: Contain all information that influences decision-making.



Financial information is relevant when it influences the decisions of the user.

Requirements to be relevant

Requirements to be relevant

To be relevant, the financial information should cover the following aspects:

  • Possibility of prediction and confirmation: This occurs when the financial information serves as the basis for the preparation of predictions and their confirmation. Prediction and confirmation occur at different times, but are part of the same process, since without knowledge of the past, predictions can not be made and without an analysis of the projected, the estimated can not be confirmed.
  • Relative importance: This occurs when the financial information shows the most significant aspects of the entity, recognized in accounting. The relative importance of certain information not only depends on its amount, but also on the factors that surround it, that is where professional criteria are important.




Within the qualitative characteristics , reliability and relevance become more important, having secondary characteristics linked to them. You must remember that these qualitative characteristics directly affect the usefulness of financial information , so its knowledge and correct application in professional practice is important.


Comparison of Car Loans, or What to Look for?

We are going straight out with a consolidation loan We are not interested in any loans, especially in car loans. However, there may come a moment in our lives when we really want to buy a slightly more expensive car, but we will not be able to afford to buy in cash.


Car loan , is it expensive?

Car loan , is it expensive?

Above all, we should carefully consider whether a car loan is a very expensive expense that only affluent people can afford. Of course, you have to take some priorities here. If we have a permanent job, we have where to live, why not let ourselves buy a new car . The more so because we are not worried about any installments for the housing we arrange.

Of course, the proposals of banks differ. Although real interest rates are given in each commercial offer, it is not so easy to calculate real costs in your personal case. It may therefore come to light that some banks in the first place offer relatively high loan costs . But if the customer meets certain conditions, then he can count on big discounts .

Most often, this is definitely the purchase of motor insurance , creating an account or deposit . For us, fulfilling such a condition will not be a problem. But banks are also trying to gain new customers in this way. Therefore, these types of activities are not completely pointless.


Compare offers

Compare offers

Financial comparison sites are really a salutary tool. Thanks to them, we can come across the trail of favorable car loan offers. Because you really have to be very patient and persistent in order to compare all the offers with each other, going to the website of each bank separately. However, such activities may eventually pay off. If someone does not like to throw money away, he can save from a few hundred zlotys to even several thousand zlotys. Everything will depend on our creditworthiness , the car we want to buy , the value of the loan, as well as what fees the specific bank branch wishes .